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Music Conversation Questions

Warm-up Task:
Take turns naming a genre of music. List as many as you can.

Vocabulary List

ESL Conversation Questions:

  1. How often do you listen to music?
  2. What genres of music do you like? Which do you dislike?
  3. Can you play a musical instrument? Or did you play one as a child?
  4. Can you name a hit song from the past year? Do you like the song, or are you sick of hearing it?
  5. Who is your favorite musician, band or group? How important are they to you?
  6. Do you enjoy live music? Have you been to any concerts? Talk about the most memorable.
  7. Do you see buskers in your city? How do you feel about what street performers do?
  8. Can you sing well? How often do you sing?
  9. Does music have the power to change your mood? How does music affect you?
  10. Do you enjoy dancing? What kind of music is good to dance to?
  11. What kind of equipment do you use to listen to music? How much are you willing to spend on good sound quality?
  12. Is there a song that makes you emotional? Which song is it and why is it so powerful?
  13. Do you like karaoke? Do you have a song that you often sing? What is it?
  14. What movie has a very memorable soundtrack?
  15. Do you like to go to musicals? What is your favorite musical?
  16. If you could magically gain the ability to play any musical instrument well, which would you choose?
  17. What makes you like a song? The melody, the lyrics, or something else?
  18. What’s your favorite music video? Do videos help you enjoy the music more?
  19. What song best represents you, or your attitude to life?

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Movies Conversation Questions

Warm-up Questions:
What movies came out this year? What movies are out now? Which of them have you seen? How were they?

Vocabulary List

ESL Conversation Questions:

  1. What genres of movies do you like?
  2. What’s your favorite movie of all time? Why do you like it?
  3. What’s the worst movie you have ever seen?
  4. Is going to the movies too expensive? How much are you willing to pay to see a movie at the cinema? Will you pay more to see a film in 3D?
  5. Who is the most beautiful actress in the world? Who is the most handsome actor in the world?
  6. Talk about someone you think is a very talented actor or actress.
  7. Do you like animated movies? Or are they just for kids?
  8. Do you enjoy movies from your own country or other countries more? From which other countries?
  9. Do you try to watch films that win awards? Are awards good indicators of film quality?
  10. What do you like to eat or drink while watching a film?
  11. How long should a movie be? How long is too long?
  12. Are sequels ever as good as the original? Give examples of good sequels if you can.
  13. How do you choose which movie to watch? By the genre? Director? Main star?
  14. Does watching movies in English help you learn English? Would you recommend this method to language students?
  15. Can we learn about a culture from the movies that culture produces? What have you learned from foreign films?
  16. Do you mind reading subtitles when you watch a foreign language film, or would you prefer it is dubbed into your own language?
  17. Does violence in films and on television inspire violence in real life?
  18. Do you think age restrictions for films are effective?
  19. Are you looking forward to any upcoming movies? What film do you want to watch these days?

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