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Hobbies Conversation Questions

Warm-up Task:
What are the most common hobbies that people have? Make a list.

ESL Conversation Questions:

  1. Do you have any hobbies? What are they?
  2. What is a hobby?
  3. How much free time do you usually have? What do you like to do with your free time? Do you prefer to relax or to be active?
  4. Do you collect anything? If so, when did you start collecting? How large is your collection?
  5. What kinds of things do people usually collect?
  6. Sometimes, the things that people collect become valuable. Can you think of any examples? What kinds of things gain the most value over time?
  7. Do you like to learn new skills? Can you give an example of something that you have learned to do that is not related to your work.
  8. Are there classes to help you learn a new hobby near where you live? If so, have you attended any of them?
  9. Is there a hobby you are thinking about starting these days? What is it?
  10. Do you like solo hobbies, or do you prefer to do group activities? Why?
  11. Some people turn their hobbies into a career or a way of making money. Can you think of any examples?
  12. Some people plan on taking up new hobbies when they retire. Are there some hobbies you would like to start later in life?
  13. What hobbies are popular with children, but not with adults?
  14. What hobbies do men prefer? Which hobbies do women especially like?
  15. What hobbies used to be popular, but aren’t common now? Why have they gone out of fashion?
  16. Are there any hobbies that only require people? Can they be done without equipment or special items?
  17. How much money do you usually spend on your hobby? Is it too much?
  18. How much time do you spend on your hobbies? How much time would be too much?
  19. Is it important to have a hobby? If someone only works and rests, what is the problem?
  20. Does your hobby produce anything useful, usable, or beneficial?



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Coffee Conversation Questions

Warm-up Question:
Where is the nearest place to get a cup of coffee? How is the coffee there?

ESL Conversation Questions:

  1. Do you drink coffee? How many cups do you drink per day?
  2. When do you drink coffee? Do you drink it at the same time every day?
  3. How do you feel if you want a cup of coffee but can’t have one?
  4. Are you addicted to caffeine? If so, is this a problem?
  5. How do you like your coffee? Black or white? Sugar or no sugar?
  6. Many people think espresso is too bitter. Can you drink one?
  7. Do you like other foods or drinks when they are coffee flavored? How about coffee cake? Or coffee flavored milk?
  8. How do you feel when you drink coffee?
  9. How do you feel when you drink too much coffee?
  10. What food goes well with coffee?
  11. Have you ever used an espresso machine? Can you make a good coffee?
  12. Do you drink coffee for the taste, or because you need a pick-me-up?
  13. Many people drink coffee to feel alert. Is there a better way to increase your concentration? How?
  14. Where do you most like to drink coffee? Do you have a favorite café?
  15. Do you have a favorite coffee mug? Describe what it looks like.
  16. Is a café a good place to go on a date? What are the pros and cons of a café environment when you are trying to get to know someone?
  17. Is coffee overpriced? How much do people pay for coffee in your country?
  18. Are you willing to pay a little more for organic or fair trade coffee? Why or why not?
  19. Are there any substitutes for a cup of coffee? How about a cup of tea? How about a can of cola?
  20. Do you prefer coffee from any particular coffee producing nation, such as Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Ethiopia, or Kenya?


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Video Games Conversation Questions

Warm-up Task:
What popular and classic video games do you known? Make a list.

ESL Conversation Questions:

  1. Do you like video games? Why or why not?
  2. Do you play video games these days? How much time per week do you spend playing them?
  3. Some people say that video games are a waste of time. Do you agree or disagree?
  4. What was the first game you ever played? Where and when did you play it?
  5. What is your favorite all-time game? Why was it great?
  6. What type of games are good for playing alone? Which are good for playing with other people?
  7. How much money do you spend on video games? Is it more or less than you spend on other forms of entertainment?
  8. Games can be played on computers, phones, consoles and in arcades. On what kind of machine or device to you prefer to play a game?
  9. Have you ever played a video game in an arcade? Are arcades popular in your country?
  10. Do video games help develop skills? What mental or physical skills do they help players to develop?
  11. Children enjoy video games. How old should a child be before he or she is allowed to play video games?
  12. It seems that most video game players are male. Why do boys like video games more than girls do?
  13. Have you ever played a game that requires physical movement, like with the Nintendo Wii? What are the benefits of this kind of game?
  14. Virtual reality systems are gaining popularity these days. Are you excited about the potential of virtual reality? Or are you worried? Why?
  15. Some video games are very violent. Do you think they influence their players to be violent in real life? If so, what should we do about it?
  16. Some people get addicted to video games. Why can’t they stop playing?
  17. These days, some gamers make a living from playing video games. Do you think professional gamers are similar to the athletes in other sports? Why or why not?
  18. Is there an upcoming game you are looking forward to playing? What is it? What do you expect from it?


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Internet Conversation Questions

Warm-up Question:
Which website do you visit most often? What do you do there?

ESL Conversation Questions:

  1. How many hours per day do you spend online? Is it too many?
  2. Do you go online more on your phone or more on a computer? What are the benefits of each?
  3. What is your preferred search engine? Why is it the best?
  4. How often do you search the internet for an answer to a trivial question?
  5. There is a lot of information on the internet. How do you know which information is accurate?
  6. Do you worry about online security? What are the risks of being online?
  7. How old should a child be before they are allowed to use the internet?
  8. Do you know anyone who never uses the internet? Why don’t they use it?
  9. Do you have any experience running a blog or building a website? Talk about it.
  10. By using the internet, do you feel connected? Connected to what or whom?
  11. Is your internet fast enough? How do you feel when the internet is working slowly?
  12. When was the last time you had no internet access? What were you doing?
  13. Do you do online shopping? What do you like to buy online and what do you prefer to buy in a store?
  14. Which Social Network Services do you use these days? Why do you prefer those over other SNS?
  15. What is your favorite smartphone app? What do you do with it?
  16. Have you played online games? What did you play?
  17. Have you tried online dating? What is good and bad about online dating?
  18. Have you ever met someone online and then met them in person? Were they like you expected them to be?
  19. Many services are online these days. Which parts of our lives will never be online?
  20. Are you interested in online business? Have you thought about starting your own? In which area?


Reading Conversation Questions

Warm-up Question:
What have you read today?

ESL Conversation Questions:

  1. What’s your favorite book? Who’s your favorite author?
  2. Are you a fast reader or a slow reader? Have you tried to read more quickly?
  3. Do you prefer to read fiction or non-fiction books? Why?
  4. Do you try to read books that are recognized as classics? Why or why not?
  5. Where is the best place to read? How long can you read for in one sitting?
  6. How is your eyesight? Do you need glasses to read? Is too much reading bad for our eyes?
  7. What are the advantages and disadvantages of reading on an e-reading device, such as a Kindle or iPad?
  8. Do you read magazines? What are some magazines you enjoy?
  9. Do you read the newspaper? Which section do you read first?
  10. The print industry has struggled in recent years because of the Internet. Do you think newspapers and magazines will die out completely?
  11. What do you think is the most popular book in the world?
  12. Is there a good library in your neighborhood? How often do you go to the library?
  13. What does “don’t judge a book by its cover” mean? Do you agree with this idea?
  14. Historically, some books have been banned or burned. Can a book be dangerous to society?
  15. What do you do if you come across a word you don’t know while you’re reading? Do you look it up, or just carry on?
  16. How many languages can you read in? How well can you understand each language?
  17. Is reading in a second language a good way to practice that language?
  18. People sometimes say that every person has ‘a book in them’. Have you thought about writing a book? What would you write about?