About Print Discuss

Print Discuss is made to supply a useful resource – ESL conversation questions.

Depending on their working situation, instructors often find themselves with limited time to prepare for discussion classes. I hope they can visit this site and get something useful for their class that requires minimal preparation time. The discussion questions found here are especially suitable for students from intermediate to advanced levels. Low-intermediate students may struggle to answer some of the questions. Moreover, some of the topics may not succeed, depending on the cultural context. Instructors should have a sense of what their students can talk about and get rid of any over-challenging or inappropriate questions. When using the ‘print’ function on each discussion post, particular questions can easily be eliminated from what you print out. Each set of questions should provide more than enough material for an hour-long class, especially if the instructor encourages the students to see the questions as just the starting point of their conversations.

The questions aren’t perfect, and I would really appreciate feedback or suggestions. Also, please feel free to make requests for topics you think should be here. You can contact me through the form below or through the Print Discuss Facebook page.


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