Warm-up Task:
Brainstorm as a group to name as many types of discrimination as you can.

Vocabulary List

ESL Conversation Questions:

  1. Are the differences between people a reason to celebrate or a source of problems?
  2. Despite their differences, are people basically the same?
  3. Have you been the victim of discrimination? What kind of discrimination?
  4. Is racism common in your community? What forms of racist behavior have you noticed?
  5. Do you have many friends of a different race or ethnicity? Are these differences meaningful?
  6. Is criticizing a different culture the same as being racist?
  7. What stereotypes about people from different countries are you aware of?
  8. Do certain racial groups have particular strengths or abilities? Is it wrong to point out these differences if they are basically positive qualities?
  9. Do people you know use racial slurs to refer to different groups of people? Or do they use more politically correct language?
  10. What are traditional male and female social roles and responsibilities? Are you a traditional person?
  11. Do you trust men or women more in any particular profession? How do you feel about male nurses? How about a female president?
  12. Women are on average paid less than men for doing the same job. Why is this?
  13. When you are with your friends of the same gender, do you complain about the opposite gender? What kind of complaints do your friends have?
  14. If someone tells a racist or sexist joke, how do you react? If you laugh, does that mean you are racist or sexist?
  15. Do you know any homosexual people? What kind of discrimination do they face?
  16. What do you think about gay marriage? Should gay couples be allowed to adopt children?
  17. Who suffers more discrimination on the basis of age? Old people or young people?
  18. Are you a member of a religion? How does your religion treat members of other religions?
  19. Which types of people suffer the least discrimination? Are you one of them? If not, do you envy those people?
  20. Is the level of discrimination in the world rising or dropping? What makes you think so?