During and While Conversation Questions

At the ▢ choose between during and while to ask each question correctly. When answering, try to use during or while in your answer, too.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What do you do to stay cool ▢ summer?
  2. ▢ you are on a train or bus, how do you pass the time?
  3. Does your mind ever wander ▢ a conversation? Have you ever missed some important information?
  4. ▢ the night, how often do you wake up?
  5. What do you like to eat ▢ watching a movie?
The blue ocean with a shark fin protruding above the water. The shark's shape is just visible beneath the surface.
  1. ▢ you are swimming, do you ever think about sharks?
  2. Can you listen to music ▢ working? Or does it break your concentration?
  3. Do you look at your phone ▢ walking? Isn’t that dangerous?
  4. Is it okay to interrupt ▢ another person is speaking?
  5. If you need to go to the bathroom ▢ a movie, what do you do?
  6. Talk about one historical event that happened ▢ the 1900s.
  7. ▢ a workout, how do you stay motivated to keep going?
  8. Which subject did you most enjoy ▢ you were at school?
  9. Do you ever feel like dancing ▢ listening to music?
  10. What kinds of thoughts go through your mind ▢ you are trying to get to sleep?
  11. Do you have more energy ▢ the day or ▢ the night?
  12. Are you able to sleep ▢ a flight?
  13. Tell me one impressive thing that you hope to do ▢ your life?

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