Heroes Conversation Questions

Warm-up Questions:
When did you last feel scared? What scared you?

Discussion Questions:

  1. People say that bravery is being scared of doing something and doing it anyway. Do you agree?
  2. Are you a brave person?
  3. What does the word ‘hero’ mean to you?
  4. Who are the heroes of your country or culture according to most people? Do you agree that those people are heroes?
  5. Do you have any personal heroes? What makes them special to you?
  6. If a person does something impressive in science, sport or culture, should we consider them a hero?
  7. If a soldier dies fighting for his or her country, are they automatically a hero?
  8. Has anyone you know received a medal from the government or a branch of the military? What for?
  9. What’s the difference between a hero and a superhero?
  10. Do you watch superhero movies? Why or why not?
The Incredible Hulk looking like he is about to hit someone.
  1. Who is your favorite superhero from comics books or movies? Why do you like them?
  2. If you could have one superhero power, which one would you want to have?
  3. Superheroes usually wear unique uniforms. What do you think about the way they are dressed? Do they need to be dressed that way?
  4. Which comic book publisher has better superheroes and stories? Is it DC? Is it Marvel?
  5. Are we all the heroes of our own life stories?
  6. Who is your favorite villain from any movie? What makes them a great villain?
  7. Are there real people in the world that seem like villains? Who are they?
  8. When a person does something like rescuing a child from a burning house, they often say that anyone would have done the same thing in that situation. Is it true that any of us could be a hero?

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