ESL Resources


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Listen in English

Most language learners need more listening practice. Listen in English has a lot of listening activities based on TV shows, movies, and news for beginners to advanced students.


ESL Conversation Questions

This site not only has questions by topic and text-book, but also useful questions to help students practice different parts of grammar. There are a few other useful things for teachers and students, like an IELTS Study Guide.

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Breaking News English

Here you can find extensive lessons based around news stories. New lessons are published frequently and the topics range from serious events to lighter, human interest ones. Every lesson includes an article and related discussion questions, and there are also warm-up, listening, vocabulary, punctuation, and writing activities.

ESL Discussions

Here you can find a lot of topics and each set of questions is divided into Student A and Student B to encourage students to rely on their listening as well as speaking skills.


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Grammar Revolution

This site is about learning grammar with sentence diagrams. It's great for anyone who wants to improve their understanding of grammar but especially for those who like visual representations of abstract ideas.