Manners Conversation Questions

Warm-up Question:
Are you a polite person?

Discussion Questions:

  1. What are some things that people do to be polite?
  2. What are some examples of impolite behavior that you have noticed?
  3. Is it difficult to know what is polite and what is rude? When have you been unsure?
  4. In which situations is it extra important to be polite?
  5. What are some good table manners?
  6. Is eavesdropping rude? Is it impolite to listen to other people’s private conversations?
  7. What is good etiquette when driving? Is it polite to let another car into your lane when the traffic is heavy? Is it rude to honk your horn?
  8. What is good etiquette when visiting someone's home? How would you try to be a good visitor?
  9. Can having good manners help you become successful? How?
  10. Whose responsibility is it to teach children to be polite?
  11. Are there any kinds of polite behavior in your country that might surprise a foreigner? What should visitors to your country know about being polite?
  12. Do some cultures care more about politeness than others? Where does being polite seem most important?
  13. Is 'ladies first' a polite idea, or is it sexist? Should men do things for women like pull out their chairs at a dinner table or wait for them to go through a door first?
  14. Can too much politeness stop people from having fun?
  15. Why do we have manners? What social functions do manners serve?
A personal alone in a large car park.
  1. How much personal space do you need? Does everybody need about the same physical distance between themselves and other people?
  2. What do you think about public displays of affection? Is it rude for a couple to kiss or snuggle where other people can see them?
  3. What are some manners from the past that are rarely or never practiced anymore?
  4. Do you think staring at somebody is bad manners? What would you do if someone was staring at you?
  5. Can someone’s politeness show their social level or wealth?

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