Space Conversation Questions

Warm-up Question:
Look up. What do you see in the sky?

Discussion Questions:

  1. Space is 100 kilometers (62 miles) away from Earth’s sea level. Does it feel close or far away?
  2. Do you know the names of all the planets in our solar system? In English?
  3. Have you ever looked into space with a telescope? What did you see?
  4. Can you see many stars in the sky from where you live? Where is the best place to do some stargazing?
The slosh of stars in the Milky Way.
  1. People talk about feeling ‘wonder’ when they look up at the stars at night. Do you feel this sense of wonder? What is ‘wonder’?
  2. Do you enjoy space-themed movies or TV shows? What are some of your favorites? If not, what do you dislike about them?
  3. Stars often feature in stories and poetry. Can you think of any examples?
  4. According to astrology, the constellation of stars in the sky when you are born is your ‘star sign’. Some people think a person’s star sign tells us about their character. What do you think?
  5. Several billionaires are developing space technology these days. What do you think about their projects? Are these serious projects, or are those rich guys just in it for fun?
  6. Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX, said it’s important that humans colonize other planets. Do you think we will be a multiplanetary species in the future?
  7. If humans colonize other planets, how will the humans on other planets change over time? What will the relationship between planets be like?
  8. The first space race was between the USA and the USSR. The competition between countries in space is heating up again. Which countries are involved in the second space race? Is your country one of them? Would you like it to be?
  9. What skills or strengths should an astronaut have?
  10. Do you believe aliens have come to earth? If not, do you expect that humans will come into contact with aliens in the future?
  11. What is dangerous about going to space? What can go wrong?
  12. Space-tourism is growing in popularity. Are you interested in going to space?
  13. In the past, ocean explorers sailed to unknown places. How is space exploration similar? How is it different?
  14. Why do humans explore? Why do some of us want to go to new places? Why not just stay home?

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