Warm-up Task:
In teams, name as many winter sports as you can in two minutes. Compare your results.


ESL Conversation Questions:

  1. Which Winter Olympic event would you most like to see?
  2. Which country do you guess will win the most gold medals at the Beijing 2022 Winter Games? Why are they strong?
  3. Would you like to watch an opening or closing ceremony?
  4. Are you worried about terrorism affecting the next Winter Olympics?
  5. Which do enjoy more – the Winter or Summer Olympics?
  6. If you could magically gain the ability to do any winter sport well, which would you choose and why?
  7. Are you interested in visiting China? Why or why not?
  8. Do you think hosting the Olympics can help a country’s image? Which countries have benefited from hosting the Olympics?
  9. Does your country have any famous Winter Olympians? If not, which Winter Olympians from other countries do you know?
  10. Is figure skating a sport or is it more of an artistic performance?
  11. Which winter sport is more dangerous: bobsleigh, luge, ski-jumping, or downhill skiing? How do you feel while you watch them?
  12. Which country would you like to host the next Winter or Summer Olympics?
  13. What unlikely winter activity would you like to see in the Winter Olympics? For example, snowball fighting.
  14. Olympic athletes spend a lot of time in training over many years and sacrifice a lot. Would you encourage your children to attempt to become Winter Olympians?
  15. How cold of a temperature can you stand while watching a Winter Olympic event?
  16. What do you like to eat or drink to feel warmer in winter?