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ESL Conversation Questions

Stimulating question sets for ESL conversation classes. Suitable for low-intermediate to advanced ESL students. Easily eliminate difficult or unsuitable questions with the print function.
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…including recently published ESL conversation questions and discussion about teaching speaking to ESL students

American Election Conversation Questions

Warm-up Question: How many American presidents can you name? List as many as you can. ESL Conversation Questions: Have you been following the American presidential election? What has happened lately? What do you know about the major party candidates, Hillary Clinton...

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Feelings Conversation Questions

Warm-up Question: How do you feel today? ESL Conversation Questions: Are you a sensitive person? Are you more or less emotional than other people? What makes you think so? Can you control your emotions well? How? When are emotions a problem? What is a crime of...

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Podcasts about English

By +Aron I enjoy podcasts for entertainment, for education, and usually I hope to get some combination of the two. One of my major interests is language, so of course I've looked for podcasts about English in the hope of expanding my knowledge. I'm not sure if I'm an...

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