Christmas Conversation Questions

Warm-up Question:
What are the most important days of the year in your culture? Why are they important? What happens on those days?

Discussion Questions:

  1. What do people usually do on Christmas day in your country? Who do they spend the day with?
  2. Will Santa bring you a Christmas present this year? What would you like him to bring you?
  3. Have you been bad or good this year? Do you deserve Christmas presents?
  4. Is Christmas a religious day for you? If so, what kind of religious activity do you take part in? If not, what does Christmas mean to you?
  5. Besides Christmas, there are other special days around the end of the year, especially for different religions. Can you think of some?
  6. Do you usually give Christmas presents? Who do you give them to?
  7. How important was Christmas to you when you were a child? What were your Christmas mornings like? Did Santa Claus leave presents for you?
  8. What kind of meal does your family eat at Christmas time?
  9. Has Christmas become too commercialized?
  10. Do you like Christmas decorations? How do you feel about the Christmas color combination of red and green?
  11. How early is too early to put Christmas decorations up? When is it appropriate to take decorations down?
  12. a christmas tree surrounded by christmas presents
  13. Do you put up a Christmas tree at your house? Is it real or fake? Which is better?
  14. Do you enjoy Christmas songs? Which is your favorite?
  15. Are there any special foods or drinks you enjoy at Christmas time that are unique to the Christmas period?
  16. Do you enjoy Christmas movies? What's your favorite Christmas themed movie?
  17. Which do you enjoy more, giving or receiving gifts?
  18. What kind of weather do you prefer to have at Christmas time? Is a white Christmas typical for you?
  19. What is the Spirit of Christmas?