Common Idiom Conversation Questions

Make sure you understand the real meaning of the question, and then try to answer. Try to use full sentences, and continue your conversation naturally.

Discussion Questions:

  1. At what time of night do you usually hit the sack?
  2. Do you like pulling your friends’ legs? What kinds of jokes do you make?
  3. When was the last time you felt under the weather?
  4. Are you good at keeping secrets, or do you easily spill the beans?
  5. How loyal are you as a friend? Will you stick with someone through thick and thin?
  6. What do you only do once in a blue moon?
  7. What is the best thing since sliced bread, in your opinion?
  8. Do you usually see eye to eye with your closest friends? Or do you often disagree?
  9. When you hear that something is popular, do you try to jump on the bandwagon?
A red and white piece of cake on a plate. There is a fork in the cake.
  1. What is difficult for some people, but a piece of cake for you?
  2. Do you speak directly to other people, or do you tend to beat around the bush?
  3. When was the last time that you hit the books? What were you studying for?
  4. If you wanted to convince your friend to come out with you, what would you say to twist their arm?
  5. Have you ever been stabbed in the back by someone you thought was your friend?
  6. Have you ever quit something addictive? Did you quit cold turkey?
  7. How do you like to blow off steam?
  8. New phones are expensive. Are you willing to pay an arm and a leg for one?
  9. When you eat out with friends, do you go dutch? How about when you’re on a date?
  10. When things get difficult, is it easy for you to keep your chin up?
  11. What’s not your cup of tea?
  12. Do you always try to do things properly, or do you sometimes cut corners?
  13. Do you have a sweet tooth?
  14. How do you break the ice when you meet someone new?
  15. Has anyone given you the cold shoulder? What for?

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