Sports Idiom Conversation Questions

Make sure you understand the question, and then try to answer. Try to use full sentences, and continue your conversation naturally.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Do you always play fair, or is it necessary to hit below the belt sometimes?
  2. In which jobs is it important to be on the ball?
  3. What’s par for the course on a first date?
  4. When you are giving an opinion, do you pull your punches?
  5. When something stumps you, how does your face look?
Two shirtless boxers are facing off. There is a stadium light in the background.
  1. Are you able to roll with the punches? How do you keep going when times get tough?
  2. When a situation changes, do you call an audible? Or do you stick to your original plan?
  3. In movies, saving the world, or some other goal, often comes down to the wire. Do you enjoy that kind of tension?
  4. Have you ever dropped the ball when given an opportunity? How did you feel to mess up like that?
  5. Would you rather win by a nose or win comfortably? Why?
  6. If you wanted to start a business, like for example opening a cafe, how would you get the ball rolling?
  7. Who would you go to the mat for? Why are they worth defending?
  8. Do you always go the distance? When is it time to throw in the towel?
  9. Who’s in your corner?
  10. Think of the next election in your country or another, like the United States. Who has thrown their hat in the ring? Who do you think will win?

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