Fighting Sports Conversation Questions

Warm-up Question:
How many different fighting sports can you think of? List as many as you can.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Have you ever been in a fight? How did it go?
  2. Is it important to know how to physically protect yourself? Explain why or why not.
  3. Is practicing a fighting sport a good way of staying fit?
  4. The term “martial arts” is most closely associated with combat systems that come from East Asia. Why are Asian martial arts like Kung Fu and Karate well known?
  5. Have you studied any martial arts? Did you take part in any tournaments or contests? If not, would you consider studying one?
  6. One idea from martial arts is that skill can overcome strength in a fight. Which of those would you like to improve personally? Your skill or your strength?
  7. Did any martials arts or fighting sports originate in your country? If so, say what you know about its history.
  8. Which martial arts are popular in your country?
A Muay Thai kickboxer is off the ground and kicking his trainer near his chest.
  1. What do martial artists typically wear?
  2. For many years, boxing was the dominant fighting sport in the western media. Who are some famous boxers?
  3. UFC is now a popular sport in which competitors use various fighting styles. Have you watched UFC? What do you think about it?
  4. Which martial art or fighting style is the most powerful, in your opinion?
  5. What causes fights? Why do some confrontations or arguments become physical fights?
  6. Have you watched any martial arts movies? Talk about one that you have seen.
  7. Bruce Lee was a famous martial artist. What do you know about him and why is he respected?
  8. Muhummad Ali is a famous boxer. Why do people respect him so much?
  9. Some people look down on fighting sports and claim that they are uncivilized. What do you think?

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