Future Perfect Conversation Questions

Answer the following questions using the future perfect verb tense. Try to continue your discussion naturally.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Will the sun have gone down by the time you get home tonight?
  2. By this time tomorrow, will you have showered or bathed?
  3. Will you have adopted a pet by the year after next? Why or why not?
  4. Will aliens have made contact with humanity by the end of this year?
  5. What are you going to have done for your family by Monday?
  6. Who will you have talked to by the next time we meet?
  7. Which countries will you have traveled to by the age of 70?
  8. What interesting experience will you have had before your life is over?
  9. What will have developed in your country by 2035?
  10. By the end of this conversation, how long will you have been here?
  11. How long will you have been awake when you next try to sleep?
  12. How much will you have studied English by Friday?
A darkly futuristic scene. The air is smokey, and the ground is barren. A person wearing a masked helmet and holding a flag is sitting atop a four-legged robot.
  1. What will have happened to planet Earth by the year 2500?
  2. What will have been invented by 2050?
  3. By three years from now, who among your family and friends will have married?
  4. What new movies will you have seen by the end of this year?

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