Past Perfect Conversation Questions

Answer the following past perfect tense questions. Try to use full sentences. Then continue your conversation naturally if possible.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Had you tried Thai food before going to Thailand?
  2. Had you seen a Keanu Reeves movie before you watched The Matrix?
  3. Had you used the internet before you started high school?
  4. Had you tasted alcohol before you turned 18?
  5. Had you heard about the past perfect tense before today?
  6. Had you met a good-looking person before you met me?
  7. What had you learned before you first went to school?
  8. For how long had you studied before your most recent exam?
  9. Among the people in this room, whom had you met before today?
  10. Jacob purchased his first house. How much money had he saved before he bought the house?
  11. How long had the lady felt ill before she decided to go to the doctor?
  12. How many times had your parents met before they got married?
  13. How many times had you worn your new shoes before they felt comfortable?
Water is pouring from a plastic bottle into a drinking glass that it is resting on. There is a blue tint to the image.
  1. Throughout the day, how many glasses of water had you drunk by the time you went to bed last night?
  2. What do you wish you had done more of when you were young?
  3. Which company do you wish you had invested in before it became successful?
  4. Why hadn’t the father read the instructions before trying to assemble the furniture?
  5. What had her boyfriend done before she broke up with him?

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