Past Continuous Conversation Questions

Answer the following questions with answers in the past continuous tense. Elaborate on your answers with different tenses where appropriate.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What were you doing before this?
  2. What were you eating at lunchtime yesterday?
  3. What were you chatting about with your friends when you last talked to them?
  4. What were you thinking about two minutes ago?
  5. What were you wearing when you last went out at night?
  6. Have you ever seen a celebrity in public? What were they doing?
  7. Focus on a person that you can see. What were they doing before coming here? Can you guess?
  8. What were you studying when you last felt confused?
  9. What were you watching at the last cinema that you went to?
  10. What were you trying to make when you last tried to bake or cook?
  11. What was your father doing when he met your mother?
  12. What were you lying on when you went to sleep last night?
  13. How was the weather this morning?
  14. What were you doing when you most recently exercised?
  15. What was your mother doing when you saw her last?
A drawing of a person sleeping on a table in front of them with a fish in the sky in the background.
  1. Think about the last dream that you remember. What were you dreaming about?
  2. When you started studying English, what were you hoping to do with your language skills?
  3. Think about the last time that you did housework. What were you doing?
  4. What were you doing at 8pm last night?
  5. What weren’t you doing at 8pm last night?

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