Used To & Would Past Conversation Questions

Talk about the distant past by using used to and would in your answers.
Use either expression for repeated, habit-like actions in the past.
I used to/would watch MTV every day after school.
Use only used to for extended situations in the past.
My father used to work at a nuclear power plant.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Think of your childhood. What did you do after school most days?
  2. What toys were very popular when you were young, and what did you play with?
  3. During high school, what did you do when you got together with your friends?
  4. How did you get money when you were young? Did you receive an allowance, or did you earn money somehow?
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  1. Is there a food that your opinion has changed on? Do you eat something now that you didn’t like before?
  2. When you were young, where did your extended family get together? What did you do together?
  3. Before mobile phones were common, how did people locate each other when they were not at home?
  4. Did you have a pet in the past?
  5. Can you think of clothing that used to be popular? How does that style look now?
  6. Did you smoke, bite your fingernails, or suck your thumb in the past? Did you have some other bad habit that you were able to quit?
  7. What are some electronic devices you have owned in the past? Which companies made them?
  8. Has your knowledge or opinion changed over time? What did you think before? What changed your mind?
  9. Did someone you know change their job or retire? What did they use to do?
  10. Have you ever owned a car? Or a bicycle?
  11. Name a singer or band that you have grown to like or dislike over time?
  12. What did people do before they could look up information easily on the internet?

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