Verbing Practice

Answer the questions by making a verb from a noun in bold. Follow your answer with at least one sentence of further explanation. Continue your conversation if possible.

Discussion Questions:

  1. How often do you visit Google? What kinds of things do you look for?
  2. Have you been the host of a party? Talk about it.
  3. Have you used Skype or FaceTime? Who did you call?
  4. What’s the biggest job that you’ve put in a Xerox machine? Did it finish copying without a problem?
  5. Can you name a recent download on your computer?
  6. Has anyone you know gone through a divorce?
  7. Have you sent mail through the postal service recently?
  8. When you meet a person in real life, do you add them as a friend on social media?
  9. Are you in contact with any of your childhood friends?
  10. Do you send a lot of messages? To whom?
A baby lying stomach-down on a sheepskin rug and smiling.
  1. How do you feel when a person directs a smile at you?
  2. Do you use a brush or a comb on your hair? How often?
  3. How many emails do you send in an average week? Who do you send them to?
  4. These days, most people have a calculator on their smartphone. Do you use yours? For what?
  5. Do you eat the peel when you eat an apple? How about when you eat an orange?
  6. In team sports, why does the coach sometimes make a player sit on the bench?
  7. Have you ever made a map for someone? Of which place or area?
  8. Do you give more compliments or criticism?

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