Animal Welfare Conversation Questions

Warm-up Questions:
Have you ever had a pet? How did you feel about that animal?

Discussion Questions:

  1. Should animals have the same rights as people? If not, which rights should they NOT have?
  2. Have you ever seen an animal being mistreated? What happened?
  3. Should hurting an animal be a crime? If so, what is a suitable punishment?
  4. Which of the following statements do you agree with more? (a) Human lives are more valuable than animal lives, or (b) all life is precious.
  5. Many people are fond of animals, but fewer people value the lives of fish or insects. Why is this?
  6. an African elephant walking toward the camera
  7. Think of an example of an animal that helps people to work (like a farm dog) and try to describe what the animal does in that job. Do you think these animals are happy to work in this way?
  8. Animals die when they become meat for people to eat. Is 'the way' they are killed important? What is the best method of ending an animal's life?
  9. Many animals provide food and other things for people while they live. What examples can you think of?
  10. Are you concerned with the way farm animals are kept and treated? For example, would you choose to buy free-range eggs?
  11. People use animals for many things. What do animals get in return?
  12. Is it okay to use animals to test medicines or cosmetic products? If so, can you think of any regulations to improve the way animals are treated?
  13. Vegans avoid using any animal-related products. How do you feel about veganism?
  14. In the past, animal rights groups protested against the wearing of animal furs by splashing red paint to symbolize blood on people that were wearing furs. How do you feel about this kind of activism?
  15. Bullfighting and various types of hunting are controversial. What is your opinion on these activities that some people enjoy?
  16. Some animals are at risk of becoming extinct. Nevertheless, people continue to hunt them. Why do people continue to hunt animals even when they are endangered?
  17. There are arguments for and against zoos. What are the good and bad points about zoos that you can think of?