Migration Conversation Questions

Warm-up Questions:
Where in the world would you like to live?

Discussion Questions:

  1. Which countries take in the most immigrants?
  2. Do many people emigrate from your country? Where do most of them go?
  3. Why do people leave your country? What are they looking for?
  4. Have you considered emigrating? If you were to emigrate, where would you go? Why?
  5. Which country in the world is the safest to live in? How important is safety to you?
  6. Which country has the best education system? In what ways is it good?
  7. Where in the world are there good economic opportunities? Where is it relatively easy to make money?
  8. Which country would be the most enjoyable to live in? What makes it a fun place?
  9. Are there many immigrants in your country? Where do they come from?
  10. What kinds of jobs do immigrants typically do in your country?
  11. When did your ancestors arrive in your country or in your area? Do you know where they came from?
  12. Do you know any recent immigrants? How did you meet them?
  13. What challenges do you think an immigrant faces in a new country?
  14. In what ways does immigration benefit a country?
A flock of birds flying in the sky, which is red because of the setting sun.
  1. Some animals migrate very far. Can you think of any examples?
  2. What are some possible negative effects of immigration?
  3. Do you think immigrants should learn to speak the language of their new country? How well do they need to speak it?
  4. If you married someone from another country, how would the two of you decide where to live?
  5. Do developed countries have a responsibility to welcome refugees from parts of the world that are experiencing difficulties? Why or why not?
  6. Some people believe there should be free migration throughout the world. What would be the result of anybody being able to go anywhere?

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