Music Conversation Questions

Warm-up Task:
Take turns naming a genre of music. List as many as you can.

Discussion Questions:

  1. How often do you listen to music?
  2. What genres of music do you like? Which do you dislike?
  3. Can you play a musical instrument? Or did you play one as a child?
  4. Can you name a hit song from the past year? Do you like the song, or are you sick of hearing it?
  5. Who is your favorite musician, band or group? How important are they to you?
  6. a view of the stage from the crowd at a music concert
  7. Do you enjoy live music? Have you been to any concerts? Talk about the most memorable concert that you have been to.
  8. Do you see buskers in your city? How do you feel about what street performers do?
  9. Can you sing well? How often do you sing?
  10. Does music have the power to change your mood? How does music affect you?
  11. Do you enjoy dancing? What kind of music is good to dance to?
  12. What kind of equipment do you use to listen to music? How much are you willing to spend on good sound quality?
  13. Do you buy physical copies of songs or albums? If not, where do you get your music from? Do you stream it?
  14. Is there a song that makes you emotional? Which song is it and why is it so powerful?
  15. Do you like karaoke? Do you have a song that you often sing? What is it?
  16. What movie has a very memorable soundtrack?
  17. Do you like to go to musicals? What is your favorite musical?
  18. If you could magically gain the ability to play any musical instrument well, which would you choose?
  19. What makes you like a song? The melody, the lyrics, or something else?
  20. What's your favorite music video? Do videos help you enjoy the music more?
  21. What song best represents you, or your attitude to life?