Past Perfect Continuous Conversation Questions

Answer the following past perfect continuous tense questions. Try to use the same tense in your initial answer. Then continue your conversation naturally, if possible.

Discussion Questions:

  1. I arrived late today. Had you been waiting long?
  2. When did you get back from your trip? Had you been traveling for long?
  3. How was Jenny’s party? Had you been looking forward to it?
  4. They finally caught the criminal who stole Mina’s car. How long had the police been looking for him?
  5. Ivan got his driver’s license last week? Had he been trying to get it for a long time?
  6. Her hair was wet. What had she been doing?
  7. Your eyes were red this morning. What had you been doing?
  8. You went to bed at 3am? How long had you been studying?
  9. Your skin was red. How long had you been lying under the sun?
  10. You looked so happy yesterday. Who had you been talking to?
  11. A building construction site with the base of a crane and piles of materials in the center. The picture is blurred at the edges.
    1. They finished construction on the new skyscraper yesterday. How long had they been building it?
    2. Two of your coworkers became a couple? Had they been working together for long?
    3. Had your parents been dating for long before they got married?
    4. Apple stopped their development of a television. Why had they been developing a television?
    5. The big football game was canceled. Had you been planning on attending the match?
    6. The new Batman movie won’t be released in cinemas. Who among you had been planning to watch it?
    7. The government said the election will now be held in December. When had they been intending to hold it?
    8. So, you will go to Germany instead of Thailand? Which place in Thailand had you been hoping to go to?

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