Present Perfect Continuous Conversation Questions

Answer the following questions with an answer in the present perfect continuous tense.
Try to explain your answer in more detail with various tenses.

Discussion Questions:

  1. How have you been feeling lately?
  2. How have you been getting to work/school recently?
  3. What have you been thinking about a lot?
  4. What have you been doing this week?
  5. What have you been dreaming about lately?
  6. What have you been wanting to tell someone lately?
  7. What have you been putting your energy into recently?
  8. Which movie have you been wanting to watch for a while?
  9. Which color have you been wearing a lot lately?
  10. Where have you been eating lunch?
  11. Where have you been going for peace and quiet?
  12. Where have you been considering going on your next holiday?
A smiling boy with his hands near his face and a wall on his left.
  1. Why have you been smiling lately?
  2. Why have you been looking tired?
  3. Why have you been working so hard?
  4. Whom have you been thinking about recently?
  5. Who has been annoying you this week?
  6. Who has been helping you lately?
  7. What has been motivating you recently?
  8. What hasn’t been interesting you lately?
  9. What hasn’t been smelling good to you recently?
  10. Has it been raining today?
  11. Has it been snowing?
  12. Have you been studying hard?
  13. Have you been feeling okay?
  14. Have you been watching videos online?
  15. Have you been listening to a lot of music lately?
  16. Have you been having fun with your friends?

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