Pattern: Subjunctive Suggest and Recommend Conversation Questions

Use the following pattern with the verbs suggest and recommend to respond to the questions, and then continue your conversation naturally:

I + suggest/recommend + (that) + you/he/she/it/we/they + [bare infinitive]

e.g. I suggest he read the newspaper.

Discussion Questions:

  1. My brother is choosing his major at university. What should he study?
  2. Susan wants to open a cafe. Where should it be located?
  3. Let’s go out for a drink. Do you know a place nearby?
  4. I want to get a computer. Do you have any recommendations?
  5. My parents want to go somewhere in Europe. Where do you think they should go?
  6. My grandmother wants to know where she can get accurate news online. Do you have any ideas?
  7. There are lots of mosquitos in our house these days. They’re so annoying.
A large white yacht moored at a dock.
  1. We bought a boat. What should it be called?
  2. A local company wants to expand into a foreign market. Can you think of a business-friendly country?
  3. Antonio wants to buy some new clothes. Where should he go shopping?
  4. I work late and I find it hard to get to sleep. Got any ideas?
  5. My friend asked me for a bingeable TV show. What can I tell her?
  6. How about we bake something with the new oven? What should we bake?
  7. A couple that I know is going to the United States. Can you suggest any cities or sights they should visit?
  8. Gilberto wants to live a very long time. How can he do that?
  9. What’s a good way that I can save money?

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