Natural World Conversation Questions

Warm-up Question:
Do you like plants and trees? Do you like animals? Try to explain your answers.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Do you like being outdoors or are you more of an indoor person? Give some reasons for your answer.
  2. Is your hometown hilly or flat? How does this affect your life?
  3. Are there trees in your neighborhood? If not, where are the nearest trees?
  4. Describe a tree that you see quite often. Talk about its height and shape, its leaves and seeds, and use as many adjectives as you can.
  5. How does your natural environment change throughout the year?
  6. Where does your drinking water come from? Can you safely drink directly from the faucet in your home?
  7. How far do you live from the ocean? Is the ocean important in your life?
  8. What are homes usually made of where you live? Are local trees or stones used in their construction?
  9. What’s the highest point near where you live? Is it manmade or natural?
  10. Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and powerful storms demonstrate the strength of nature. Which of these is most likely to affect your community? How do people protect themselves from the possible danger?
  11. What kinds of insects do you see around you? How do you feel about them?
A plump robin perched on a twig in a snowy environment.
  1. What types of birds live near you? Do you know where they nest?
  2. Which crops grow well in your part of the world?
  3. Are all the animals near you domesticated? Are there some wild animals? Talk about one if you can.
  4. Do you like flowers? Describe a flower that you have seen a lot.
  5. Are there any dangerous insects, animals, or plants in your country? How can they harm people?
  6. Is your region prone to flooding or drought? How does your community respond to these challenges?

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