Sport Conversation Questions

Warm-up Task:
Compete in groups to list as many sports as you can on paper or on a whiteboard.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Do you play any sports these days? If not, how do you get exercise?
  2. Which sports do you enjoy watching on TV? How much time do you spend watching them?
  3. Have you watched any sports live at a sports ground or stadium? How was the experience? Was it better than watching on TV?
  4. Are there any sports you can't stand to see on TV? What are they and why don't you like them?
  5. a view from behind of a weightlifting bar on a woman's neck and shoulders
  6. Which is the most dangerous sport? What kind of injuries occur when people play it?
  7. Your country is best at which sports? Why is it strong at these?
  8. What sports did you play as a child? What was your proudest moment?
  9. Is sport an important part of education? What does it teach people?
  10. Who is your all-time favorite sportsperson?
  11. What do you think about crazy sports fans? Do you dress up to support your team?
  12. If the Olympics could only be one event, what should that event be?
  13. People compete in sport, games, the economy and many other areas of life. What is good and bad about competition?
  14. Is there too much money in sport? Are athletes paid too much or too little?
  15. Some new sports are called 'extreme sports'. What are some extreme sports? Have you tried any of these?
  16. Is motor-racing really a sport? How much recognition should we give to the engineers and designers versus the drivers?
  17. Some sports are often played alongside alcohol, like darts and pool. Do you consider the best players of these games to be athletes?
  18. What is different between sports and esports?
  19. Which is the sportiest country in the world?
  20. Athletes from which sports train the hardest?
  21. Some suggest that people who are good at sport, are not intelligent. What do you think about this stereotype?